Jory Vinikour / harpsichordist
I have known Frédéric Albou for well over ten years. He is a cherished colleague and friend. He works at the highest of standards, coupling his considerable vocal talents with a formidable intellect and a voracious musical appetite. Frédéric is a great pleasure to work with.

Jean-Paul Serra / artistic director of Baroque Graffiti, Marseille, harpsichordist, organist
We are always more than happy when we can work with Frédéric Albou. This sensitive, passionate and generous artist will always bring emotion and ardour, whatever the repertoire is.

Veronica Grange / Opera Director
I had the privilege to work three times with the bass-baritone Frédéric Albou in widely differing roles - Gugliemo in Cosi fan tutte, Polyphemus in Handel's Acis and Galatea as a double bill with Mozart's Apollo and Hyacinthus, in which he sang the role of Apollo (transposed for a bass-baritone), and, in the summer of 2009, the role of Handel in the play Le choix d'Hercule by the Belgian playwright Hippolyte Wouters, in which there are a number of arias to be executed as well as the interpretation of a theatrical role of importance.
On each occasion Frédéric has proved to be a conscientious artist in every respect, endowed with a rich and beautiful voice and intelligent interpretative qualities. An asset to any company.


Odile Jutten /organiste

Last year in May, I had the opportunity to prepare a programme for a voice and organ recital at Évreux Cathedral with Frédéric Albou. I could appreciate Frédéric's great qualities, namely his huge culture as well as his insatiable eagerness to learn, thanks to which he could conceive a very original programme. I could also notice how easily and swiftly he managed to prepare and perform a whole programme, in spite of the difficult acoustic conditions associated with a cathedral organ. Eventually, I was totally convinced by his assets as a musician, the refinement and strong commitment of his interpretation, which he endows with such deep meaning, and I am really eager to further our collaboration.

Marie-Janne Serero / musical coach and composer
I would like to draw your attention to Mr Frédéric Albou, an opera singer with whom I have been very pleased to work for years now, as a vocal coach.
I could appreciate how Frédéric Albou constantly improved his qualities, widening not only his repertoire, but also all his musical competences. He is always seeking to make his art evolve.
Thanks to his rigor, his enthusiasm and his curiosity for all sorts of musical explorations, he knows how to keep his utmost passion for operatic singing alive.


Luc Macé-Malaury / conductor

Frédéric Albou is a bass-baritone who grants the public with the very truth of what he sings, and thrills me.


Jacques Ladent / directeur artistique de "Voix d'Hommes"

With Frédéric we shared a high quality moment of exchange, work, respect and care... Pure happiness! (close of a masterclass given in Mauriac, October 10th and 11th, 2015)



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